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Other Producing Energy Assets Energy Exploration Assets Location Location: AB / MB / SK, Canada & Nevada, U.S. Alameda Oil Saskatchewan Operator: Various Alida Oil Saskatchewan Royalty: 0.1-18% and WI: 2-100% Benson Oil Saskatchewan Carnduff Oil Saskatchewan In addition to its producing assets, Franco-Nevada has Cessford Gas Alberta exposure to a portfolio of undeveloped, non-producing oil Claresholm Gas Alberta and gas interests. E. Crossfield Gas Alberta Edson Gas Alberta Elswick Oil Saskatchewan These are grouped into 26 different assets covering an area of over Enchant Gas Alberta 1,500 km2 and are located in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba along Ferrybank Gas Alberta with a small amount of acreage in Nevada. Much of the interests consist Ghost Pine Gas Alberta of mineral title which is currently unleased. Hanlan Gas Alberta Harmattan Gas Alberta Numerous future opportunities in Harvest – AB Gas Alberta Western Canada and the U.S. Huntoon Oil Saskatchewan Innes Oil Saskatchewan Inverness Oil Alberta Laglace Gas Alberta Energy Exploration Assets Lesser Slave Oil Alberta Lochend Gas Alberta Location Lone Pine Gas Alberta Macoun Oil Saskatchewan Big Bend Alberta Manitoba Oil Manitoba Carbon Alberta Medicine Hat Gas Alberta Cindy/Belloy Alberta Midale Royalties Oil Saskatchewan Colgate Saskatchewan Midale WI Oil Saskatchewan Devil Alberta Montreal Trust Oil Saskatchewan Dixonville Alberta Neal Hot Springs Geothermal Oregon Elko Mineral Rights Nevada Oungre Oil Saskatchewan Flatrock British Columbia Pearmac – AB Gas Alberta Granor Alberta Pearmac – MB Oil Manitoba Harvest – SK Saskatchewan Pearmac – SK Oil Saskatchewan Hotchkiss Alberta Prudential – AB Gas Alberta Killam Alberta Qu’Appelle Oil Saskatchewan Kimiwan Alberta Queensdale Oil Saskatchewan Liege Alberta Rainbow South Oil Alberta Long Coulee Alberta Rocanville Oil Saskatchewan Melville Saskatchewan Royce Gas Alberta Paradise British Columbia Stoughton Oil Saskatchewan Provost Alberta Swalwell Gas Alberta Prudential – MB Manitoba Tidewater Oil Saskatchewan Prudential – SK Saskatchewan Viewfield Oil Saskatchewan Steelman Saskatchewan Watts/Craig Oil Alberta Swift Current Saskatchewan Touchwood Alberta Turner Alberta M W. Calling Lake Alberta iner Widewater Alberta al R esour c es and M iner al R eser v es A dditional I nf orma tion TSX / NYSE: FNV Franco-Nevada Corporation 113

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