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Precious Metals Exploration Assets Precious Metals Exploration Assets Franco-Nevada has interests in 234 exploration stage mining properties (148 precious metals assets and 86 diversified (mining) assets) as at April 12, 2023. Exploration assets represent interests on projects where technical feasibility and commercial viability of extracting a mineral resource are not demonstrable. Some of these assets have associated Mineral Resources that, to be economic, may require additional Mineral Resources, higher commodity prices, permitting approval, lower geopolitical risk or a better financing environment. A good portion of the properties are inactive and may not see activity again. Some of the properties are in proximity to producing or advanced projects. Franco-Nevada has not visited or audited its full list of exploration assets and has relied on operator reports and/or public disclosures to determine which properties are in good standing. It is possible some properties may have lapsed. The following table is a list of the precious metals exploration assets of Franco-Nevada as at April 12, 2023. A list of the diversified (mining) exploration assets can be found on pages 102-103. Assets that have had their terms or leases expire and have been written off by Franco-Nevada are not listed. Precious Metals Exploration Assets as at April 12, 2023 Asset Operator Interest and %1 South America Terra Escura, Brazil Mineração Tarauaca Industria e Comercio S.A. 1-2% NSR (All Metals); 4% Cash Dividends La Coipa, Chile Kinross Gold Corporation 3% NSR (Au) San Guillermo, Chile Austral Gold Limited (Guanaco Compania Minera SpA) 1-2% NSR (All Minerals) Volcan (Ojo de Agua), Chile Hochschild Mining plc (Tiernan Gold Corp.) 1.5% NSR (All Minerals) Ayahuanca, Peru Apumayo SAC 1% NSR (Au) Choreveco, Peru Minera del Norte S.A./Aruntani S.A.C. 0.1-0.3% NSR (Au) Cristiana, Peru Fresnillo Peru S.A.C. 1.5% NSR (All Metals) Los Pinos, Peru Tamerlane Ventures Inc. 0.5% NSR (All Metals) Mansa Musa (Minasnioc), Peru Peruvian Metals Corp. 2% NSR (All Metals) Parinacochas (Urbaque), Peru Hochschild Mining plc 2% NSR (All Minerals) Pukaqaqa (Antoro Sur), Peru Nexa Resources Peru S.A.A. 1-2% NSR (All Minerals) Yanamina, Peru Wealth Minerals Ltd. 5% NSR (All Minerals) D iv ersified A Central America and Mexico Cerro San Pedro, Mexico New Gold Inc. 1.95% NSR (Au, Ag) ssets United States Cripple Creek, Colorado Searchlight Exploration LLC 3% NSR (Au, Ag) La Plata Allard Stock, Colorado Metallic Minerals Corp. 1.5% NSR (All Minerals) Corbin Wickes, Montana Eastern Resources, Inc. (Elkhorn Goldfields LLC) 5% NSR (Au) Elkhorn, Montana Eastern Resources, Inc. (Elkhorn Goldfields LLC) 1.1875% NSR (Au) Lewis and Clark County, Montana Hartmut W. Baitis et al 1% NSR (All Minerals) Carlin (Currant Creek), Nevada Carlin Gold Corp. 3% NSR (All Minerals) M Carlin (Railroad), Nevada Gold Standard Ventures Corp. 1% NSR (All Minerals) iner Carlin (Willow Creek), Nevada Carlin Gold Corp. 1% NSR (All Minerals) al R Getchell, Nevada Barrick Gold Corporation 2% NSR (Au) esour Goldstrike (Rodeo Creek), Nevada Nevada Gold Mines LLC 4% NSR; capped at $500K (Au, Ag) c Granite Creek (Getchell), Nevada i-80 Gold Corp. (Osgood Mining Company LLC) 2% NSR (Au) es and M Limousine Butte, Nevada NevGold Corp. 1.5-2.5% NSR (Au) Marigold (SAR), Nevada SSR Mining Inc. 5% NSR (Au) Marigold (Trout Creek/Valmy), Nevada Nevada Gold Mines LLC/SSR Mining Inc. 3% NSR (Au) iner Mountain View, Nevada Millennial Precious Metals Corp. 1% NSR (All Minerals) Nevada Mineral-Eureka County, Nevada Nevada Gold Mines LLC 2% NSR (All Minerals) al R Preble, Nevada Barrick Gold Corporation 10% NP (Au) eser Preble (Pinson Fee), Nevada Barrick Gold Corporation 1.5-7.5% NSR (Au, Ag) v Rain-Emigrant-Saddle, Nevada Nevada Gold Mines LLC 1.5% NSR (All Minerals) es Sandman, Nevada Gold Bull Resources Corp. 0.5674% NSR on initial 200K oz (Au) Sleeper, Nevada Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. 2% NSR (All Minerals) Tonkin Springs, Nevada McEwen Mining Inc. 1-2% NSR (Au) Kings Canyon, Utah Pine Cliff Energy Ltd. 4% NSR (Au) Silver Bell, Utah Unico, Inc. 5% NSR plus other (Au, Cu, Pb, Zn) Tintic, Utah Ivanhoe Electric Inc. 1% NSR (All Minerals) A TUG (Tecoma), Utah Fronteer Development (USA) Inc. 5% NSR (All Minerals) dditional I nf orma tion TSX / NYSE: FNV Franco-Nevada Corporation 83

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