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Diversified Assets Index (Iron Ore, Other Mining and Energy) w vie er v Diversified O Iron Ore Diversified (Mining) Vale (Iron Ore, Cu, Au and Other) 90 Exploration Assets 102 LIORC (Iron Ore) 92 Other Mining U.S. Energy Marcellus 106 NuevaUnión (Relincho) (Cu, Au, Mo) 93 Haynesville 107 Taca Taca (Cu, Au, Mo) 94 SCOOP/STACK 108 Caserones (Cu, Mo) 95 Permian Basin 109 Milpillas (Cu) 96 Falcondo (Ni) 96 Canadian Energy etals Copper World Project (Cu, Mo, Ag, Au) 97 Robinson (Cu, Au) 98 Weyburn Unit 110 Orion EaglePicher (De) 98 111 Other Producing Energy Assets ecious M Ring of Fire (Cr, Ni, Cu, PGM) 99 112 r Mt Keith (Ni) P 100 Flying Fox (Ni) 101 Energy Exploration Assets 113 ssetsssetsssets ersified Aersified Aersified A iviviv DDD 8888 FFrrancancoo-Nev-Nevada Cada Cororporporaationtion TTSX / NSX / NYYSE: FNVSE: FNV

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