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Central America and Mexico The delivery of precious metals to Franco-Nevada is initially indexed to Expansion to achieve target throughput of ww the copper in concentrate shipped. In 2022, Cobre Panama produced 100 Mtpa during 2023 vievie 350 kt of copper. Franco-Nevada sold 123,769 GEOs from the mine erer in 2022, compared to 131,062 GEOs in 2021. In 2023, Franco-Nevada vv Concession covers an area of OO expects GEO sales from its Cobre Panama stream to be between 115,000 and 135,000 GEOs based on First Quantum’s January 16, 2023 guidance approximately 130 km2 of between 350,000 and 380,000 tonnes of copper production, and Low-cost operation close to tidewater accounting for a larger allowance for the impact of shipment timing for the year following the restriction of concentrate shipments in February. First Quantum announced on March 8, 2023 that a draft concession contract with the Government of Panama was finalized; the agreement is in a ratification process. The concession contract will have an initial 20-year term, with a 20-year extension option and additional extensions for the life of mine. etals Punta Rincón Port and Powerplant ecious M r P Caribbean Sea Caribbean Sea Panama Cobre Panama Canal Project Panama City Cobre Panama River Caimito Pacific Ocean 0 N 4 km Cobre Panama is one of * Property located the world’s largest copper approximately 20 km from Caribbean Sea porphyry deposits. It’s location near tidewater allows a very low cost operation. Concession Boundary Power Transmission 230 kv line Camp Plant Colina Pit Botija Site Medio Pit Pit Balboa Pit Valle Grande Pit Botija Abajo Pit Brazo Pit 38 Franco-Nevada Corporation TSX / NYSE: FNV

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